Information and advice on Indian visas and the steps you must take to obtain them.

India Entry Visa

Entry Visa is granted to Persons of Indian Origin and also to those who are dependents family members of Employment Visa or Research Visa holders.

Who can apply for Entry Visa

  • Persons of Indian Origin (POI) who has held Indian nationality, or a child or grandchild of a person who has held Indian nationality;
  • Spouse or a child of a person of Indian origin;
  • The spouse/dependents family members of a foreign national who is or coming to India on long term visa, like employment, business, research or student visa holders. The principal visa holder’s visa must be issued before the spouse/dependent family members can apply for Entry visa
  • The Entry visa can be extended in India by the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer up to a 5 years on a yearly basis.  


  1. Passport – Your current signed Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity beyond your intended stay and at least two blank visa pages.
  2. Renunciation Form – Persons of Indian Origin who are no longer the citizen of India, must submit their Renunciation form. Contact us if you need to apply for Renunciation form.
  3. India Visa Application Form – Submit online visa application form plus one copy.  Complete the online application accurately, answering all questions carefully.  Improperly completed India visa application forms will be rejected by the Indian Consulate. No manual change is allowed once the application is printed. You must provide full details of the references in India and USA on the application for further assistance read the application guidance. The online Indian visa application form requires a signature on both pages – sign under the photo on the first page and at the bottom of the second page.   Make a photocopy of the signed application.
  4. India Particulars Form – Complete and sign this form.
  5. Journalist Undertaking Letter – Applicants affiliated with Media company who are visiting India for tourism or business and not for journalism purposes, need to submit a Journalist Undertaking Letter with their visa application, declaring the applicant is only visiting for tourism or business and will not engage in any journalistic activities.
  6. Photographs – Two identical color passport size photographs, 2”x 2”, on a white background, full face, no shadows, fully developed and no glasses.
  7. Proof of Residence – a clear photocopy of your driver’s license or a recent utility bill (gas, electricity and water) – the address on this document must match your address on the application form. For minors a parent/guardian’s proof of residence may be submitted.
  8. People of Indian Origin – Applying for a Visa (any category), or OCI (overseas citizenship of India), you need to submit a copy of your Renunciation Certificate / Surrender Certificate and a copy of Naturalization certificate (both the documents).  For Applicants applying for OCI and Renunciation together, or Visa and Renunciation together, the supporting documents must be attached separately for both the applications, for example, a copy of Driver’s License should be attached with Visa Application and a copy with Renunciation Application.
  9. Spouses and Children or Grandchildren of Persons of Indian OriginNon Indian spouse and children or grandchildren must produce proof of relationship with the Person of Indian Origin:
    • Non Indian spouse must submit a marriage certificate and a copy of spouse’s Indian passport, or naturalization certificate that shows previous nationality is Indian.
    • Non Indian children must submit a birth certificate along with a copy of parents Indian passport(s), or naturalization certificate that shows previous nationality is Indian.
    • Non Indian grandchildren must submit a copy of the grandparent’s passport or a government issued document showing that their grandparents held Indian citizenship, and their parent’s birth certificate.
    • Spouse and dependent children of a foreign national coming to India on a visa such as Employment, Business, Research or Student must produce proof of relationship:
      • Spouse must provide a marriage certificate.
      • Non Dependent children must provide a birth certificate.
      • The spouse and dependent children must provide a copy of the passport and a copy of the visa issued to the principle visa holder.
  10. Proof of Departure: A copy of round trip airline ticket issued by the travel agents or, the airline.
  11. Financial Evidence: Applicants who are unemployed, home-makers/housewives, or students need to submit copies of their most recent bank statements, with their names and address printed on the statements.
  12. Proof of Status – Non US citizens must submit proof of legal status in USA. This would be either a copy of their permanent residence card/green card (front and back), original and copy of their Employment authorization card, or copy of page in their passport showing their long term valid US visa.
  13. Payment – Pay all the fees with one cashier’s check or money order payable to Global VIP Services. The total payment will cover: Consular fee(s), Service fee and Return shipping fee.
    • Consular Fee – The consular fee is changed periodically, please contact us for the current fees and processing time options.
    • Service Fee – Regular service fee is $99 per applicant. Rush service available at additional fee.
    • FedEx Fee – 2 way shipping fee is $78 for visas processed in San Francisco and the visa package less than 0.50 lb in weight.
  14. Processing Time – The processing time is between 20 business days.
  15. Order Form – Complete and sign Global VIP Services Order Form and send it to us, together with all the above mentioned items via Overnight FedEx to our FedEx address given on the Order From.


  • Dual Citizenship : Applicants who have dual citizenship with the US and another country must apply on their US passport, if living in the US except for applicants who hold dual citizenship with Pakistan. Pakistani citizens who have also acquired US citizenship must apply for a visa on their Pakistani passport only.
  • Visa Validity – Visas are valid from the date of Issue for the period applied for by the applicant.
  • Minors: Birth certificate copy or any government issued document which shows parents name, date of birth and nationality is required. US Born: Only birth certificates are accepted for applicants born in the US.
  • Jurisdiction – We usually provide Indian visa service for applicants who are residents of: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Territory of Guam. Applicants from other states may require additional items and they need to Contact us for instructions.
  • Applicants with Indian Origin:  In addition to the items listed above, will need to submit additional documents and fees, depending on their status.