Information and advice on British / UK visas and the steps you must take to obtain them.

British Direct Airside Transit Visa

  • You may need a Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV) if you’ll be changing flights in the UK without going through immigration control and you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.
  • If you need to go through UK immigration control for any reason including to check in luggage on to another flight, you must apply for a Visitor in Transit visa instead
  • You don’t need to apply for this visa if you have: an EEA family permit.
  • You should apply for another type of visitor visa if you’re travelling to or from Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.


  1. PASSPORT – Original signed valid passport, with at least 6 months validity from the date of final entry to the UK and at least one blank visa page.
  2. Photographs – 2 color passport style photographs, 2”x 2”, on a white background, full face, no shadows, fully developed, and on a photographic paper (Do not staple or glue the photograph to the application). Write your name clearly on the back of the photos.
  3. GUIDANCE NOTES – This guide provides additional information on the type of visa and its basic documentary requirement.
  4. UK VISA APPLICATION Complete the UK online Visa Application form, accurately and fully. Print, sign and date the application. During the completion of the application you will be asked to make a biometric appointment online at the Application Support Center near you. Remember to print your Biometric appointment notice at the same time as you print out your application.
  5. Biometric Receipt – Once you have attended and completed your biometric appointment, you will be handed your biometric receipt by the Application Support Center. Your application and supporting documents must be submitted to the British Consulate within 2 weeks of the receipt date on your biometrics receipt, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  6. PRIORITY PROCESSING FEE – You need to you pay the expedite processing fee of $250 to the British Consulate.  Enter United States for country of residence, select your visa type from the drop down menu and select New York in Visa Application Center drop down menu. Then fill in accurately your application number and all other details. You must print the payment receipt with the bar code at the completion of this process and submit it with your application and other supporting documents.
  7. Residency Status – Submit the original or a notarized copy of your valid green card (front and back) or US visa. Original I-20 and I-94 must be submitted (if applicable) attached to your passport.
  8. Proof of Departure – One copy of your round trip flight reservation issued by a travel agency/airline (You may reserve flights but do not purchase the ticket before the Visa is issued). The ticket must show entry and departure details to and from UK..
  9. Employment Evidence –  An original letter of employment, confirming your employment, position, start date, your travel dates (departure date from USA and planned return date to USA), and that you are expected to go back to work on your return.
  10. Minors – Applicants under 18 years old need to submit a notarized parental consent with the original certified birth certificate – providing details of parents and the applicant minor.
  11. Payment – Pay the total fee with one cashier’s check, or a money order, payable to Global VIP Services.
    • Service Fee:
      • Regular 15 business days plus shipping time is $400.
      • Rush 8 business days plus shipping time is $600.
    • FedEx Fee 2 way shipping is $100 for packages less than 0.50 lb in weight.
  12. Processing Period –  The processing time for regular service is 15 business days plus shipping time. For rush service it is 8 business days plus shipping time.
  13. Order Form – Complete and sign Global VIP Services Order Form, and send it to us together with all the above mentioned items via FedEx to our FedEx address given on the Order From.


  • You may also need to provide additional documents, if the Consulate requires it.
  • Certified translation of any document that is not in English must be submitted.
  • Anyone intending to visit friends, family, go shopping or sightseeing etc. You will require a visit visa.