1. Passport – Your current signed passport,with a minimum of 6 months validity beyond your intended stay and at least two blank visa page.
  2. Tanzania Visa Application FormOne original visa application plus one copy. The application form must be completed fully and accurately, signed and dated.
  3. Photograph – 2 color passport size photograph 2”x  2”, on a white background, full face and no shadows. Snapshots, machine, home or computer generated photographs are not acceptable.
  4. Evidence of legal residence in USA – Non US citizens must submit a copy of their original  Green Card, original I-512 Advance Parole Document copy, Valid I-20 (must be signed on reverse by designated school official) copy, copies of valid long-term stay US visa with original with I-94 submitted.
  5. Parental Approval for Minors – Visa applications for minors under 18 years, should be accompanied with a notarized letter, jointly signed by parents or legal guardians approving the minor to travel.
  6. Proof of Departure – A copy of your confirmed round trip ticket, issued by the travel agents or the airline to and from Tanzania.
  7. Yellow fever vaccination is required for ALL persons from yellow fever endemic countries/regions. All individuals from yellow fever endemic regions traveling by way of air, marine and land are required to get vaccinated. All individuals in transit for 12 hours or more and/or who leave the immediate airport vicinity in a yellow fever endemic area are required to get vaccinated.
  8. Payment: You may pay all the fees with one cashier’s check/money order/check payable to “Global VIP Services”. The total payment will cover: Consular Fee, our Service Fee and shipping Fee.
    • Consular Fees for US citizens – 12 months multiple entry visa Regular processing plus money order fee is $102. Rush visa processing fee plus money order fee is $122.
    • Consular Fees for Non-US citizens – Regular processing plus money order fee: Single entry $52, double entry $102. Rush processing plus money order fee: Single entry visa $72 and double entry visa $122.
    • Our Service Fee:
      • Rush processing 3-4 business days – $95
      • Standard processing 6-10 business days – $75
    • Shipping Fee: 2-way overnight shipping fee $90
  9. Order Form Complete and sign Global VIP Services Order Form, fully and accurately.
  10. Send – all the above items to us via overnight FedEx to our FedEx address given on our Order From.


  • Duration of stay – The duration to remain in the country is determined by the immigration officer at the port of entry.
  • Visa Validity – All visas are valid from the date issued. In the event a visa expires before it is used, the applicant will have to re-apply for a new one. A visa is generally valid for 3 months from date of issuance at the discretion of the Tanzanian Consulate.
  • Non-refundable tickets should not be purchased until your passport and visa are in your possession.
  • Immunization– vaccination against cholera and malaria is recommended
  • Pets – Pet licenses/ certificates are required when traveling with pets to Tanzania.