1. Passport – Your current signed passport, with a minimum of 6 months validity beyond your intended stay and at least two blank visa pages.
  2. Non US Citizens – need to submit proof of legal status in US – the original and clear copies (front and back) of their US legal status document.
  3.  Visa Application Form One original visa application plus one copy. The application form must be clearly and completed, signed and dated.  A VISA to Vietnam can be applied for as early as six months prior to the date of travel. Vietnamese visas are issued a Single Entry or Multiple Entry based on your requirement.
  4. Photograph – One color passport size photograph, 2”x  2”, on a white background, full face and no shadows. Snapshots, machine, home or computer photographs are not acceptable.
  5. Proof of Departure –  A copy of your confirmed round trip ticket, issued by the travel agents or the airline to and from Vietnam.
  6. Payment – Pay the total fee with one money order or cashier’s check, payable to Global VIP Services. A group of applicants may submit combined payment in one money order or certified check. The payment covers: consulate fee, service fee, Return shipping fee. 
    • Consular Fee:
      Processing Time Single Entry
      (1 Month)
      Single Entry
      (3 Months)
      Multiple Entry
      (1 Month)
      Multiple Entry
      3 Months)
      5 Business Days $80 $110 $135 $160
      1-2 Business Days $110 $140 $160 $190
    • Service Fee: 
      • Standard 5 business days plus shipping time $75
      • Urgent 1-2 business days plus shipping time $95
    • FedEx Fee: 2 way shipping Fee is $65.00 for visas processed in San Francisco.
  7. Visa Validity – The visa will be valid from date of arrival in Vietnam as indicated on the applicant’s form (shown on the visa stamp).
  8. Order Form Complete and sign Global VIP Services Order Form, and send it to us together with all the above mentioned items via overnight FedEx to our FedEx address given on our Order From.


  • You can apply for the Vietnam visa up to 6 months before the intended date of entry to Vietnam.
  • The Expiration of the visa will be 1 or 3 months after the Date of Entry.