Applicants who have relatives or friends in Russia (private citizens) may apply for this type of visa submitting a standard Private (Homestay) Invitation.  It can be obtained by your Russian relatives or friends from a local office of Russian Federal Migration Service located in the Russian Federation only.


  1. Passport (original) – Your current valid signed Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity beyond your intended stay and at least two blank visa pages(side by side). The amendment pages are not acceptable.
  2. Complete Online Russian Visa Application – Complete the application carefully, answer all questions fully and review before printing it. When you start your application write down the Application ID and security password. We will not accept applications without this information. When Completed print your application, sign and date it.  No manual changes are allowed on the application.  If you have to make any corrections/addition, you must do a new application. Email us and we can send you instructions on how to complete your visa application,
  3. Private Stay Invitation – Submit the original standard Private (Homestay) Invitation issued in Russia, that your relative/friend has obtained.
  4. Applicant Letter – Submit a cover letter providing your name, address, phone number, passport number, purpose of visit, dates of arrival and departure, cities to be visited in Russia and telephone or facsimile number where you can be reached and requesting Private (homestay) single/double entry visa.
  5. Passport Vital Page – A copy of your passport’s vital page(s).
  6. Applicants Under 18 Years – Submit a copy of your child’s certified birth certificate and copies of parents/guardians birth certificate and passport, and a notarized consent letter by both parents authorizing the consulate to issue the visa.
  7. Photographs  – Two color passport size photographs, 2”x  2”, on a white background, full face and no shadows. Snapshots, machine, home or computer photographs are not acceptable.
  8. Non-US Citizens –  Only non-US nationals who have a green card or a long term US visa can apply. Applicant must provide Proof of legal status in US: green card copy (front and back), valid long term US visas: H1, L1, I-20, etc.
    • A copy of your round trip ticket to Russia;
    • A copy of your travel insurance policy with your name, on insurance company letter head and indicates validity in Russia.
  9. Payment – You may pay all the fees with one cashier’s check/ money order payable to Global VIP Services. The total payment will cover: Consular fee, Service fee and Return FedEx shipping fee.
    • Consular Fee – Private (homestay)  visa (type 1) can be valid for single or double entries for the period up to three months only.
      • Service Fee:
        • Regular service 11 business days Plus shipping time $160
        • Rush service 5 business days plus shipping time $250
        • Two way Shipping Fee processed in Washington DC $110.
  10. Order Form – Complete and sign Global VIP Services Order Form, and send to us  together with all the above mentioned items via overnight FedEx to our FedEx address given in our Order From.


    • Submit a copy of your US naturalization certificate; and
    • Submit documents proving the loss of Russian citizenship. For example: expired passport of one of USSR republics, Israeli visa – showing the immigration date stamp.
  • Russian law states that all visitors’ passports and visas have to be registered within 72 hours (3 working days) of arriving in Russia. Also you have to complete an immigration document prior to passing through passport control.